Rules of the Road

  1. Only paying (pledged) members can vote at 100+ Women Who Care KC quarterly meetings.
  2. In the event of a tie in voting for charities, we will vote again between the two charities involved in the tie until a charity is chosen.
  3. The recipient of the money in quarterly meetings is based upon a vote of all pledged members in attendance.  In the event that you are not fond of the charity chosen, we ask that you still fulfill your commitment to our organization by writing the check to the charity chosen.
  4. If a member is not available to make a quarterly meeting, they are still responsible for sending their donation. The chosen charities are counting on contributions from all of our members.
  5. If a member cannot attend a meeting, they have 10 days to send the check to 100+ Women Kansas City.  An absent member can make arrangements for mailing the check after receiving an email from 100+ Women Who Care KC after the meeting.
  6. Members are free to bring friends to learn about our organization but only contributing members get a vote.
  7. If a member does not want to speak in front of the group they are not required to, but their charity would then not be eligible to receive the money for that meeting unless another contributing member representing the same organization was willing to speak on that charity’s behalf.